Trine Lundgreen Søberg

Trine Lundgreen Søberg

Before Beauty Secrets I worked as a nurse assistent. I loved my job because helping others is something I truly love to do. But, after some years of working I got sick, with an illness called CFS/ME..

Now, it’s almost 3 years ago I quit working because of my health problems. I’ve been with Beauty Secrets Community now for 3 months (July 2020) and I will never look back again.. I love my life right now. I’m still ill and I still struggle with my health.. but, I can finally work again on my own terms. I can bring this job with me where ever I go, and I can even work from bed on my worst days..

Also, I’ve met some amazing people in this business, something I’m so grateful for! Together with the amazing products we work with, and that I’m still able to help others through my work, now I see now a bright future after all.. I’m so happy with myself and proud of the whole team!

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