I was at the lowest point in my life, in and out of hospital and surgeries. I thought my life was over, and that I could not work ever again. I joined BSC and suddenly I felt healed somehow, I felt I could accomplish anything! I am now happy, healthy, strong and growing. All because of a “yes” and a “risk”.
I have really found myself through this business, and everyone can see that I’ve truly found “my thing”. I’m so grateful for my team, and everyone in BSC, we are one strong army, and we all stick together. If you become one of us, you’ll have so many friends wanting you to succeed in life and cheering you upwards, always! If I can, YOU can. Oh btw, the products are life changing as well!

I’ve never had an actual dream of how I wanted my future to look like. Never did I have any goals or ambitions either – but then I joined BSC 3 months ago (July, 2020) and the only thing I can say is, WOW!
Now I finally feel like I’ve found myself and figured out what fits me. I now have goals, dreams and a future that looks so bright! But, the best part of it all, must be all the amazing girls I’ve gotten to know these few months. It’s really like you get a brand new, big family and it’s room for everyone. I will forever be grateful that I got this opportunity, and for being a part of the most amazing community!

I was recently on a 4 weeks vacation in the Caribbean, on a sailing boat, where I got the taste of freedom. The day I was back at work I was like “no, I’m not gonna spend my life here, working Monday-Saturday, 9-17!”
I quit my job and joined BSC, and it has given me the opportunity to schedule my days. Work from wherever I want in the world – the opportunity to build my dream life and live it. I have the time to focus on myself and the people around me everyday. I’m the best version of myself, and I have never been happier! FOREVER GRATEFUL!

I’ve been looking for the opportunity for financial freedom, to become my own boss, and to manage my own time, for 7 years. After endless attempts, with no particular progress with another network marketing company, I decided to look for something else, and came across Beauty Secrets Community. June 17.2019, I started on scratch, with blank sheet – and I have NEVER looked back! The products we are working with are completely unique. The people are amazing. The tools are outstanding.
Now I look forward to the day when I will be able to quit my fulltime job, and spend all the time in the world with the family I’m sooo lucky to have. Valuable time I am endlessly grateful for!

If you are unsure, take the chance! For me it was a tough choice to let go of the safety, and the team I had in the other network marketing company, but, NO REGRETS. Beauty Secrets Community was the right choice for me – it has given me the opportunity to achieve both BIG & SMALL goals / dreams !! FOREVER GRATEFUL!

I said bluntly «no» when I was first asked. I had no belief in making money online. Besides I had just 4 days off each month. So why would I want more work?
6 months went by and I’d been watching that same friend that asked me if I wanted in, travel the world. Her instagram and snapchat stories were full of dreamy destinations. Her life looked great, while mine went down the toilet.
The work situation I was in had demolished my confidence.. and I was looking out on an empty store thinking to myself «what am I going going to do?» when my friend came in. She’d been fresh off yet another flight to an exotic place. I decided to ask her what that job of hers was about and asked if we could have a coffee. Her answer was «Sure, when? I’m free all the time, so whenever is fine by me» Free all the time? I was sold.
One year later I’m so happy I took a chance. I managed to quit my old job in April 2019 and I’m totally free! This job has given me the chance to grow, challenge myself and to live my life on my terms: deciding when and where I’m going to work and be my own boss. Never been happier! Take a chance. You won’t regret it!

Before Beauty Secrets I was in a low point in my life. I had no motivation and wasnt sure about my lifegoals. My mentor came into my life at a point were I had lost everything, and she gave me everything. What i appreciate the most about BSC is the LOVE and CARE from every single person. Now I am building my empire. I´ve grown to be my own boss and Queen, and the only one who can stop me is myself.