Team Building

BUDDY TRAINING #1 – Contact List!

Get started building your contact list, with potential business buddies;
▪️Who do you write on the list?
▪️How do you “find” people?
▪️What qualities are you looking for in your business buddies / partners?
▪️AND, SUPER IMPORTANT; DO NOT JUDGE! It’s not your job to decide who this is for / who it’s not for !! Share the opportunity with people you love and care for, and let them decide for themselves!

?Work on your contact list EVERY DAY – put new names on the list, and start to connect with the people – after all, they are potential partners and / or future customers! ??

❤️Connect & build relationships! Ask questions! Be genuinely interested in others; “plant seeds” / create curiosity about your new business & journey – but without JUMPING onto people, by unnatural starting to talk about yourself; or trying to SELL the products or business !! Mention it, if it feels natural in the conversation! If someone asks you what you do / how life is going, answer as a normal human being, and then, keep talking; ask questions back, and listen for the other persobs “PROBLEMS”… If the person in front of you are opening up / in need of anything, you might want to get back to that person later for an invitation, to have a look at the business. Because, when you know a persons WHY / NEEDS / PROBLEMS; you can offer and provide a SOLUTION to their needs! That’s what we do..!? Making a difference, by offering solutions & solving problems !!

⚠️Learn more about this in the video below, and also the next step in this unit; BUDDY TRAINING #2 – Invitation VS Invi-presenting!

BUDDY TRAINING #2 – Invite people on a journey!

The most rewarding & grateful part of our business, is to share this journey with others, and to show people how they can reach their goals with BSC & Network Marketing! ❤️? In this video we go through how you can invite people to have a look at our business, without being PUSHY, SPAMMY or ANNOYING!

▪️ Work consistent with your contact list!
Talk to people every single day!
▪️Ask questions; “pre-qualify”!
▪️Get to know peoples why & needs!

▪️Be a spammer / pushy!
▪️Invi-Present – send information to people who never asked for it!
▪️When people are interested, never try to present through text! (Learn more about this in Buddy Training #3 – Presenting)

▪️Write personal invitations; quality over quantity!
▪️Always invite with a REASON; the persons WHY / NEEDS, or the QUALITIES the person is holding, that you appreciate and would like to work with!
▪️Care about people – the way to succeed in this business, is to give / help enough people to reach their goals – when they win, you win!


BUDDY TRAINING # 3 – Presentation; before, during & after!

?? Some advises on how to present our business, and what to before, during and after a presentation.

▪️ Ask questions & get to know the person
Create curiosity
▪️NEVER try to PRESENT through message!
▪️Get to know the person’s why!

▪️Be present!

▪️Follow up
▪️Talk about goals, do not continue to present
▪️Register with Nu Skin
▪️View products / Place first order
▪️Add to our STARTUP group & welcome
▪️Schedule a new meeting (within 48 hours)
▪️Give a challenge / task to do, based on the person’s goals

You can present yourself, use our online presentations (info about times is in the group posts here in the group) or you can use the mini presentations (see the comment section below or our youtube list –https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Uyt5NZm7SWsucKnjTPdHVEEqgQHZdCi – everything is there / create your own, and if you do; please share below! Sharing is caring!) ?

BUDDY TRAINING #4 – Startups & Good partnerships!

BUDDY TRAINING #4 – Startups & Good partnerships!

Some advices on how to start new, good, and long-term partnerships with new business partners & buddies – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

▪️ Goals & Dreams
▪️ Make a plan, based on the person’s goals – be specific; retail profit
▪️ First post, talk about expectations
▪️ Work together and send the first messages, how to formulate correctly to friends and family – share WHY!

▪️ Contact list – invite & build a team!

▪️ Weekly catchup, VS online 24/7
▪️ Customer service
▪️ Duplicate structure & schedule the business

▪️ Partnership & expectations

▪️ Add into all chats & groups without asking
▪️ Tag allover!
▪️ Send lots of lots of lots of information!
▪️ Push / be annoying!
▪️ Duplicate working without a plan / structure
▪️ Chat with your buddy the whole day!
▪️ Do catchups that lasts for hours – respect of time!

? AND, REMEMBER; Everyone is different! The most important thing is to customize each startup, to each individual, based on their desires and goals – help others to achieve their goals, and you will achieve yours! Give before you get! #GOTEAM


Click here to download the OBJECTION PDF!
What is OBJECTIONS, and, how to handle them?

Create your own retail profit story

When you’re going to share the business, the most important thing is the same as when you’re sharing the products – you have to be real, honest, and be yourself.

To do this the best way, you first have to create your own story.

So before you share the business with anyone you have to have your own retail profit story. Go together with a partner, set a goal for the next 3 days – What do you want to achieve? How much money are you going to make? How many products are you going to sell? – Set a deadline, and make it happen!

All are important

When we meet people on our way, that are interested in our Business, it is super important to remember that EVERYBODY are important!

You can compare people in this business with people walking into Mc Donalds:
“this looks good, I want to eat here” ? Customers

“mm, this food was good – I will defenetly recommend this to my friends” ? Distributors who loves the products, and share them with their friends/family

“this is a great business, I would like to open one myself” ?Executives who is taking their business to the next level

⭐️ “this is a great business, I want to build 500+ in Europe” ? Business builders who helps others with starting up/building their business


It’s so important to appreciate every single one you’re talking with – all are important for you and your business!! ❤️

No goals are to small or to big
⭐️ Do this business based on YOUR goals and dreams, and help everyone you meet on your way to get access to the products or help them to achieve what THEY want ?

Each person you talk to, holds 3 possibilities!

Each person you talk to, holds 3 possibilities!;

1) BUSINESS – the person him/herself is interested, looking for an opportunity / solution in life, and has his/her own motivation and burning desire / goals!

2) CUSTOMER – if the person him/herself is not interested in the business, then, we’ve got the best products, right !? ?? Offer EVERYONE who doesn’t see the business opportunity, to use the world’s best products !! …Pretty selfish of you, if you don’t! ?

3) ASK FOR REFERRALS ??Many people don’t think about that, this business / networking is not really just about who do YOU know, yourself!! It’s more about; who does the people you know, know !! ? Start to think out of your own network, go through friends’ friends and connect with people you don’t really know, but, because you have mutual friends they suddenly become an acquaintance, and you automatically get some kind of relationship and trust through the common acquaintances / friends / family!

See the possibilities of your network – not the limitations! There are so many people on this planet – You only need 6 COMITTED buddies, to top the compensation plan, keep that in your mind – and take MASSIVE ACTION !! ?? #GOTEAM


Never EVER copy/paste and SPAM (Sending People Annoying Msgs!) – make sure every message you send out, is personal, written by-, and from YOU. Be real/honest, and use your own story. Share what this has done for you so far, and what it can do for the person you’re talking with!

Put Value on the business & yourself; You do have limited spaces and also time for startups!!
To hit the top of our / Nu Skins compensation plan, you only need 6 serious people who wanna do business and grow with you!!
Remember; YOU chose who you want to work with – so, be picky!! Choose only pleasant people, and people you would like to spent more time with. This business is not for everyone, so, make sure you build your MASTERMIND TEAM!!!!!

AND; Follow up! Always follow up! This is where the results are! Follow up and WORK TOGETHER with your new partner!

The first months you should be in contact with your partner EVERYDAY!
– Set up the first meeting (within 48 hours) to talk about what the person wants
– Help with setting up his/hers facebook group
– Talk when the person have received his/her products – unbox together and be excited for your new buddies’ journey!
– Send your buddy positive content, or find other “excuses” for getting in contact every day
– Plan the first content and posts!
– Talk about goals and dreams, maybe even catchup and scrapbook / set goals together?
– Share about the success trips; what trip is coming up?? Are you going together?
– HAVE FUN!!!!

Network Marketing & Pyramid schemes

Network Marketing & Pyramid schemes

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