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Be a positive energy that people WANT to be around!

People go on Facebook for several reasons, but one of the most common is “Just for fun”.[br]People don’t go online to hear about your personal problems, complain about a political candidate or how you hate your job.[br]If you’re trying to build a following especially if it involves a business, ALWAYS post positive things. If it’s negative – don’t post it. Most times friends will quietly unfriend you.[br]So my advice is to go through your entire profile and delete every negative post, photo or video.

Talk about how bright your future is, your dreams and aspirations. Share positive things about others in your life. And uplift people. You’ll be surprised how quickly your friend list grows. – Monte (Nu Club)

Do’s & Dont’s



✔️A L W A Y S create curiosity. Be unique, inspiring and positive!

✔️Add alle your fb friends and connections in your group – you never know who would be interested in your products or the business. Get support from family and friends.

✔️Only use your own words when writing your bio. Both the bio and your posts will reflect YOU and YOUR personality. You are the strength of your own business and the only one making yourself special. We don’t mind finding inspiration and ideas from other team players. but always use YOUR words.

encourage your audience to ask questions in the comments, rather than them to dm you.

✔️The better engagement you have when answering the comments, the more exciting it will be for the audience to engage.

Answer the comment på “reply”. This is because there’s an algorithm rule at FB and your group will pop up in the newsfeed

✔️Your own pretty face and delicate pictures gives you more credibility. We sure don’t mind you sharing other team players’ results, but your audience follow you – so let them see you.

✔️Comment each other’s post kindly. We are good at helping each other, and we even have an “comment post” -thread to help you. There’s your opportunity to share the posts you would like more engagement in. Try not to make the same person to comment every time – this might have the opposite effect

✔️Pay attention to your own page! Try responding when people leave comments. With all due respect, we do understand that you have both school, work etc. And this is not supposed to affect those things – but reply when possible and show them your availability – again, credibility to your group and your reputation.

✔️Use emojis when writing posts???to make it more exciting to read More emojis ?more response.

✔️Encourage your customers to shoot before and after pictures. Ask nicely, both for you and them ( this will make them notice the results) og for you to use the opportunity to tell them that you appreciate them sending them for the page. Also an awesome tool for upselling and attention to old posts.

✔️ALWAYS use retail price – you will find them at you “office” on nuskin with the price list. Do not create your own prices.

✔️Check spelling

✔️Use your creativity to come up with ideas – don’t be boring.

Wrap your products with a personal note to your customer. There are examples in our tool group.


Avoid writing about Nuskin. It’s our collaborator, but we would like to seperate from the others and for the audience to ask usk instead of them google the products and buy for themselves.

DO NOT COPY texts and posts – NOOOO!! Respect your team players and their hard work – their your inspiration to do your own posts, learn and earn.

Stay away from words saying: Offer, bestseller, discount, favorite… (feel free to use them in your posts, but no all of them) Try to avoid the words that gives the impresssion of boring and cheap. Creativity is the key.

Stay away from cataloug pictures. Its impersonal – besides, it’s bad business

Be creative when responding to comments. Do not reply the same answer to every one.

Don’t increase your audience with giveaways (we have a well explanation video about it in our tool group)

Try to not write the salesprice in your posts – dm your customer. This is one of the guidelines from Nuskin. The closure of selling the products happens in dm.

Do not take advice from other teams than beauty secrets. We have figured out what gives success.

Only do what works – not from the people that dont do the work themselves.

Stay away from posting self-made offers/ wholesale price, unless it’s an already promoted product. Such as Beauty Kit from Nuskin or their campaigns. We don’t do business for others to save money, but for us to make money.


?Feel free to upload results in our sharing post. Sharing is carin. The more you contribute. The more we achieve together.

?If you would like an old post to pop up – comment that you are doing a new order on the product, and the ones still wondering, has the opportunity to order now. Always remind on every post you have the day before you’re ordering.

?You get an order confirmation from the company with a tracking number. You can track your order 2-3 days after you have received the confirmation and find out where the package is.

?When you start up new partners and have your own team – make sure that they also read this information and that they keep themselves updated on this site. This is our information – and communications source.

?Besides this, there’s no right and wrong. DO YOUR THING and if you have any questions: feel free to ask. Take initativ to ideas and always remember our principles:



Why a Facebook group, over a Facebook page

Did you make a Facebook Business Page so that you could easily spread the word on what you are creating and doing in this world? You probably imagined yourself opening Facebook each morning and admiring all the likes and comments on all of the beautiful and inspiring posts that you created, right?

But, more often than not, there’s no reaction at all. Nothing.

Posting on your Business Page turns into an exercise in frustration because no one is even seeing your posts. Honestly, a lot of people are frustrated and without spending money on Facebook ads, it’s a losing battle.

You are probably part of few Facebook Groups already, but you may not have thought of them as an option for your business. Well, we’re about to let you in on a little secret…

We believe that creating a Facebook Group is the key to building an engaged community of raving fans.


1. You can actually engage with your followers. You know all those likes and comments that you imagined would happen on your Facebook Page? Well, this will actually happen in your group (assuming you provide valuable content and conversation, which of course you will)! Facebook Groups are designed for commenting, likes, and overall engagement.

2. Teach. You are the leader of your Facebook Group, so you get to decide what the content is comprised of. It’s a place for you to explain, motivate, inspire, and teach the content that you love. It’s where you serve your followers and can have a real influence in people’s lives.

3. Polls! One of the amazing and ultra-valuable features of Facebook Groups is that you can poll your members. Ask them absolutely anything and your followers will respond. Use polls to learn about what your community needs or wants from you, find out what are they struggling with (so you can better tailor your offerings to be exactly what they need). Get opinions on logos or colors or anything else you need input on from your target market — for free.

4. Stay top of mind. Have you noticed that not even your mom or best friend see anything you say on your Page? It’s so frustrating. The exciting thing with your Group is that anything and everything you post in your Group WILL appear in your member’s feeds. The more you post, the more you show up in your ideal clients’ feeds. Simple!

5. Build Trust. Your Facebook Group is a collection of private (assuming you created a Closed Group) conversations and no one, other than Group members, can see the discussion. There’s conversation that happens here that wouldn’t happen if members knew that the whole world could possibly be watching. It’s an opportunity for you to nurture your members so they really begin to know, like, and trust you. And when you’re building a business online, trust is absolutely necessary before anyone will ever take out a credit card.

6. Build your list. Huh? Yes, you can build your list with your Group. If you have a free opt-in or free give-away that you give in exchange for a person’s email (usually this on your website), why not offer this to your Group? Create a welcome post and pin to the top with the offer (or post the opt-in as a frequent regular post).

7. Validate ideas. Ever had an idea, but you weren’t sure if people would like it or want it? Use your Group as a testing ground. For example, if you announce inside your Group that you are thinking of creating a beginner’s video series demonstrating how to work up to a full headstand, gauge the response. If people are commenting ‘yes, yes, yes,’ you know you’ve got a winning idea. But, on the other hand, if there is not such a positive reaction, then maybe move on to your next idea and feel proud that you didn’t waste your time building something your people don’t want.

8. Collect your ideal clients into one place. Where else in the world can you gather and interact with your ideal clients at any time of the day for free? Of course, you must give them your time and attention and offer them valuable content, however, being able to watch and learn from them is invaluable. It’s any business owner’s dream!

9. Announce your offerings. Have you ever tried to announce a class or a new offering on a Facebook page? Not much reaction, right? Well, because your Facebook Group is full of devoted fans, when you announce something new, people are excited and they often purchase. Success!
Do you have a Facebook Group for your wellness business? Post the link in the comments so that we can come and check you out!

Information is copied from www.namastream.com

Plan when, and what to post – Quality over Quantity!!!

Every Sunday, make a plan on how many posts you are going to post the upcoming week, and choose the best days/time.
Example: If you deside to post 3 times: It’s better to plan it and post Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, then just randomly end up with posting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday…

In the beginning / first weeks: 3 product posts a week (In between posts as “My office” and “giveaway” is additional)[br]As you get your own team it’s more important to teach THEM to make money and to follow them up, then you can go down to 2 posts per week and eventually 1 post.

Tips: It’s better with few posts, and focus on getting activity and sales – then several posts a day with no activity. Quality over Quantity!!

The best time and days to post on Facebook:

Tips: Text & Pictures

1) Create Curiosity!!
Leave a few things out of the text in the post to make your audience curiouse – this will make them get in contact, and you can create a relation with the person 🙂

2) Be Creative & Keep things fresh!!
Keep things fresh and post NEW posts and pictures to keep your audience interested.[br]

3) Never copy-paste!!
Be inspired by others, but put in the time and effort in your business to create your own text and pictures. It will pay off!
If you copy-paste, your friends will see that the post is not “you” – and it will be fake. BE REAL, BE YOURSELF!!

4) Don’t post about multiple products in one post, unless you’re doing a promotion.
Keep things simple for your customers. Heaps of different products in one post will make them confused. Focus on one and one product


Keep your posts short
(Want to get out a lot of information? Create a video :))





ALWAYS use your own !! Why?[br] The respons is so much better when your face is in the post, as when your friends scroll down their newsfeed, they might just pass the post if it’s a picture of just a product they have never seen before, or if the picture is of someone they don’t know! They will see it just as “another commersial”, and keep scrolling![br]But if the scroll past a face they know, they will most likely stop and have a look 🙂 So put your face in there!! Be original!

– If you want to “test” the feedback when you post your own pictures vs someone elses – try! You will quickly find out what works!!!

Before and after pictures are awesome to borrow from the team/your customers, but:
– Always add in a selfie of you holding the product
– Always know that the before/after picture you’re using is real, and that the results actually are by using the product you’re promoting!! If you end up with someone questioning your reliability, and you don’t know the source of your before/after’s – it might ruin your whole group and your customers trust to you! ALWAYS know where your content comes from.[br]*TIPS: If you borrow someone elses photos, take a screenshot so people in your group see that it’s actually a real person:


Don’t show the Nu Skin name in your pictures
There is no secret that we are using Nu Skin’s products, if someone asks you about that, the answer is ofcourse: YES!

BUT – We want to Create Curiousity among our customers and build a relationship with them. If you post about Nu Skin – why would your customers get in contact with you?? They will google: Nu skin, and find everything they need online…

So, instead of talking about Nu Skin, share the benefits of the products we have. Share before and after pictures. Share stories! Share results! And connect with your customers 🙂

An example on how to cover the Nu Skin name, and still be “normal”, not hiding anything – just holding over the logo when holding the product and taking a selfie 🙂 No right or wrong! Be creative and create curiosity!

Tips: Photo/video editing programs

– Pic Collage
– Layout
– Picsart
– Picplay
– Facetune
– Photowonder
– Textonpictures

– Imovie
– Moviemaker
– Vivavideo

Ideas: Videos

Instead of posting LONG posts with a lot of writing – create a video! Step outside your comfortzone and have fun 🙂

It’s not only great to get out information, it’s also great to get in contact with your audience – let then get to know you! As soon as people feel they know you, you have a relation with them and they will feel “connected” to your group and products.

No Sales?? 10+ comments = Create activity in your group, and keep it up!

Patience and Consistency
Content is super important, the pictures you post are important and when you post – BUT It’s SUPER important to keep posting, even if you have days with no respond! People who follow you need to see your posts more then once, they need to see your products more then once and they need to see that you are serious, and that you keep going. People need time to get to know you, like you and trust you. Be patient and keep posting! NEVER GIVE UP!

ALWAYS make sure to have atleast 10 comments on every post you post. The reason is these statistics from facebook – it tells how many % of your group members that will see your post in their Facebook newsfeed, and it depends on the comments on your post!

“Leave a comment / you favorite emoji for more information…” Always encourage members to do this to get as many comments as possible on each post. The more comments, the more “Important” your post is considered at facebook, and your post will be prioritized to be shared in your member’s newsfeeds!

When you reply to a comment: always reply with a NEW comment! Don’t use the “reply” button!!
To get up the 10+ comments on every post in your group, make sure to always make a new comment when you reply, don’t “reply” to your customers comment – as this doesn’t “count” as a comment on Facebook.

If the 10+ comments doesn’t happen by itself, get 5 people to comment, and when you reply back – you’re up in 10 🙂
– Ask friends and family to help you comment
– Ask happy customers to comment
– Tag friends, and send them a pm if they can check your post and help you with comments
– Get help from your team to comment – BUT …….

Comment on each others posts, but BE SMART!!!

Feel free to follow other teammates groups, be inspired and also leave a comment on each other’s post, share your experience with the product and maybe even a picture! This is a win-win, if we do this for each other, we help each other with 1) Additional comments, and post becomes more visible on facebook 2) more credibility, members of the group can see that there are many more than just the Admin in the group, who uses the products!![br]BUT!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!![br]DON’T end up being a group of 3-4 persons, always commenting on each other’s posts, on EVERY POST !! Remember, your group members are not stupid, and they will come to understand / see if it’s “agreed” comments over and over again. This will not strengthen the group, rather the opposite …

Ask customers to post/share – keep things fresh and new all the time
It’s very powerful when you have someone else then you posting and sharing in your group. ask all customers for before and after pictures, and ask if they could help you with sharing it themself in your group, and write a short review of their experience with the products.

– Follow up likes
– Follow up comments
– Follow up customers[br] When you follow up, and message people/customers/likes – it’s not supposed to be any “sales” og pushy message!! Just text them and tell them you are grateful for them being in your group and liking your posts! That you really appreciate it as you’re new in the game and it’s great to get support from them! Make the msg PERSONAL – Build a relationship, and next time they need some new makeup or other products – they will remember you for taking your time to actually messaging them without pushing anything on them;) !

Follow up LIKES (Y)

Do you have HEAPS of LIKES on your posts, from people which doesn’t comment?? FOLLOW THEM UP – they have LIKED your post for a reason 😉

Send them a PM – Not a sales/pushy msg, but just a nice, grateful msg letting them know that you appreciate that they are members in your group![br]Not a sales/pushy msg, but just a nice, grateful msg letting them know that you appreciate that they are members in your group![br]

“Hi ______ ? Just want to thank you for following my new Beauty Secrets group here on facebook, and for liking my newest/first post about the whitening toothpaste! I really appreciate all likes , comments and feedback ! If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I will respons as good and quick as I can ❤

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