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When someone wants to order -> connect through PM!

When someone comments on your facebook post “yes”, “price?” or “more info?” – always reply with a new comment: “I’ll inbox you __name__ ” [br] Then you inbox them with more details. The reason for this is so you can start to build a relationship, one-to-one, with that person. Example on what you can send to the customer: [br] “hi __name__ ! Sending over some information about the Whitening Toothpaste! The price is ____, it’s super awesome can’t wait to send it to you!! I only need your adress, then I’ll fix the rest 😀 “[br]

TIPS: <3 Write all msg personal with your customers, use their name and keep track of what products they have tried, so later you can follow up

Shipping, from you? or from Nu Skin?

ALWAYS START WITH Direct Selling – From you (send by mail/deliver directly to people around you)

You buy the products yourself at wholesale price from the webshop, send them to your place, and resell them from you directly to the customer. The advantages of this, over online sales (explained below) is:[br] 1) You make more money by doing it this way, by retailing products

2) You can attach a personal greeting written from you, directly to your new customer, which makes them feel cared for, they can see that you really appreciate them, and you’re building a relationship. Then they will forever be yours 😉 🙂


THE LONG TERM IDEA is to do all Sales Online
– From Nu Skin
– You place the order in Nu Skin’s webshop, and the products are sent directly to your customer, from Nu Skin, and you get paid commission from Nu Skin based on your online volume. [br]
When you start to do this: Always help your customers with this, specially the first time! Don’t leave them in the webshop or with a link to the webshop – that will most likely NOT end up with a sale ! [br] This is the idea in the long term – Get all your customers online so you no longer have to do the packaging or ship out anything! 🙂

Give the correct price / product catalogues

Give the Customer the right price + always remember to add in shipping expenses, you’re not supposed to have any expenses yourself ! 🙂


For Price Guides -> Nuskin > Choose your Region > Log in > Up to the right, click on your name> Office > Office Library > Pricelist



Once you have given the price and the customer has confirmed that he / she shall have the products, send out payment details straight away to “close” the sale, Example:

“Thank you so much for your order, really appreciate it – and will send out your products as soon as the payment is received! Hope you’re ok with this 🙂

Payment details_____ ” [br] Remember – if the products have to be shipped – add in the expences in the price before you send it to your customer!

TIPS: Do NOT send out / deliver products until payment is received, for your own sake. Suddenly you have customers who do not pay, and if the products are already sent there is not much you can do about it…

Do payment in the manner most appropriate to direct sales / online sales, and how well you know the customer
– Bank transfer by providing account numbers and amounts
– Paypal (Norway: vipps/conta.no)
– If you’re delivering directly, cash
– If the sale is online, and the customer is comfortable with entering his / hers card details, you can enter the customer’s card directly online.

Packaging – Do the little extra and give good service:)

<3 Keep the packaging of your products simple and cheap so you don’t get any expences on it, but do it nice and personal!

You will be rewarded by doing the little extra for your customers! Make them feel appreciated and give them the best service ever! THAT, together with out GREAT PRODUCTS, will make them come back whatsoever!! <3 <3


Make your customers feel safe

From the customer tells you they want to get your products, to the payment is done, to the delivery is happening – it might be a week or so, or maybe the delivery is later then expected?? [br]Whatever happens: <3 Always keep your customers updated about the status/progress of the payment/delivery – that will make them feel safe when purchasing from you

How to keep track / follow up on of customers/potential buddies

‼To FOLLOW-UP is one of the most important things to do, to succeed in our business – both when it comes to CUSTOMERS & BUDDIES‼ ️

?? FIRST; Create an «easy-to-follow-up-system» that works for you! Many of us use Exel, or Google sheets – SUPER SMART!

?THEN; Always write down ALL you are in contact with – not just people who purchase, but EVERYONE who likes, comment and shows interest on your posts / stories – so you easily can follow them up!

? CUSTOMERS: Write their names, products, payment, delivery and if you have follow-up already or not.

✏️Use a marker, for example; use Green colour for those who are all good, delivered and done, Blue colour for VIP-customers (loyal and large customers / orders you send directly from Nu Skin to the customer) – and those who are left / still White; follow up!

?‍♀️BUDDIES: Always have a contact list where you add new names every day, and remember; DON’T JUDGE – it’s not up to you to decide who this business is for, or not. Give the chance to all people you think deserve to know about this great opportunity, and leave the decision to them.

✏️Write notes, why you’re going contact the people on your list, who you have talked with already, what their situation is with work, family, school etc: look for «problems» – provide solutions! ..and remember; a «NO» is not a «NO» forever! Some just need some time, maybe it’s not the right timing in their life right now, and some actually just need to see that YOU ARE A STAYER! ?? Never give up, they will come!

Follow up

It’s always important to follow up costumers. Many who show their interest will often forget about the products in an otherwise busy everyday life, or they just need some days thinking before they deside to purchase.


Send a reminder message, one example is to say that you are placing orders right now and was woundering if they wanted you to fix their products aswell? Or if you have posted a sale/offer on any of the products they showed interest for, you can send them a nice text telling them that you posted something that they might be interested in.


We also find it smart to message costumers about 1 week after you sent/delivered the products, asking what they think and if they have any questions. Many will end up buying more after feeling the quality and seing the results on one of our products – they automatically trust the other products we have 😉 AND, they feel appreciated and that you see them when you follow up.


Questions about the products? More information?

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