Goals & Dreams

What do you want? How important are your goals?

Believe it or not, but 98% of the business is WHY, 2% is how. Setting goals is a training process. The more you train your “dream-muscle”, the easier it is. You will turn into a magnet for your goals when this becomes a habit.

Learn to set a specific goal with a deadline. What do you want?
– Your goals must be put in writing.
– They must be concrete and specific.
– They must be expressed positively (Focus on what you want to reach, not what you want to get away from)
– Make a plan of how to reach them. (Do this with your partner – How are you going to do it, and is it urgent?)
– Set a date when your dreams will be reached
– Visualise your dreams and feel strong emotions when thinking of them.


Make a Dreamboard – A Vision for your life and your business. Work with it every day. Know what you’re working for, and be specific!
Imagine when your time and money are not limited:

What is your vision?

  • – What life do you want to live? What lifestyle? How does your dream day look?
  • – What do you want?
  • – What person do you want to be?
  • – What do you want to do for others?
  • – What kind of people do you want to attract and work with?
  • – What do you want to learn?

Some examples on Dream Boards from some of our Team Leaders:

Tips: Make a Mind map aswell! Perfect to hang on your wall to remind you of what you want.

Break down what you want: into days, weeks and months

No goals are too small or too big. [br]Whatever YOU WANT – it’s important to have a specific goal to work after, so you can make a plan on how to reach it – and from there you can break down your goal/plan so you know exactly what you have to do monthly, weekly and even daily to get there! 🙂 Do this together with your partner![br]Some examples:
– How many posts this week?
– How many sales pr post?
– How much do you want to earn this month? this week?
– How many new customers?
– How much PSV (personal sales volume)?
– How much GSV (group sales volume)?
– How many new connections, with new people?
– How many new partners?
– How many new LOI’s?
– How many new Executives?
– How many demos/product parties?


Your road to Success starts with becoming a Brand Representative – create 6000 GSV

Ask your partner how, and make a plan on when you’re going to be there 🙂

Success Trips!! Wanna join? ;)

At Nu Skin, we celebrate our Distributors’ success in many ways. One of the most special ways we recognise their achievement is at the EMEA Success Trip.

Our Distributors work hard to promote our products and opportunity, so we treat and reward them the best way possible. Each year, the EMEA Success Trip takes our qualifiers to different travel destinations in the world. We go to places that are exciting, exotic, and fun!

Discover below our past and future trips. The pictures and videos will make you dream and want to escape to all of these beautiful places with us.

Would you like to join us on the next trip? Contact us, if you want to know how.

(Info copied from https://www.nuskin.com/en_GB/people/events/success-trip.html)

Highlights from the Success trips where some of the BSC girls have been:
March 2017 – EMEA Success trip to CAPE TOWN !

March 2018 – EMEA Success trip to UTAH !

March 2019 – EMEA Success trip to LAAX !

September 2019 – EMEA Success trip to the French Riviera !

Dream Stealers

When you start your business, and you set goals and start to dream again – you will meet “dream stealers”. [br]People, often close friends/family, that don’t see what you see. They don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. They don’t understand the business and they don’t believe what you believe is possible.
Don’t be upset about this. It is totally normal, so just be prepared for it.

* Hold On To Your Dream – Never ever let another human being take away your dream. They may take your house, your car, your business, your bank account – but as long as you hold onto your dream all those things are replaceable.
Just because they think they can’t do it, doesn’t give them the right to tell you that you can’t. Ignore them, take action and SHOW them what you’re capable of 😉 !!!!!!!!


* Share Your Dream with the people that believe it you – YOUR TEAM! – Be selective in your sharing. For no matter what happens in your life, you need to surround yourself with a company of people who will cheer you on – GO TEAM! By sharing your dream openly with people who believe in you, you are crystallizing it in your own mind while at the same time positioning yourself as one who is held accountable while in pursuit of your dream.

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