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Free Sign up @www.nuskin.com

Do this together with your “business-mum” 🙂 

  • To start your business you need to create a free account at www.nuskin.com. It gives you access to all our products at wholesale price. This signup is 100% free, no monthly fees or hidden charges.

  • Go online to www.nuskin.com -> choose your region ->Ready to sign up -> Choose BRAND AFFILIATE account.

  • Fill the sponsor Id-number of your business-mumma (remember to always check that the name that comes up under the id-number is your sponsors name so you get connected to the right team!)

  • After Signed -> Write down your own Id-number, your email and password (your login details) – and always have it available.

  • Send your bank details to Nu Skin so they can pay out commission (@nuskin.com -> Contact us. Write an email/call and let them know you want to send in your details), and you’re ready for business! 😉

Change your brand – order your first products


Want to get started in your business, and get your first sales and customers? If yes, its time to start with YOURSELF – become a product of the product, a 100% product user of your own brand and business !

It’s a must in this business to become a product of the product, and it’s build up on you changing your brand of products you use. Beauty Secrets is all about: Real people, Real results.

Listen to Rikkes tips above, sit down / do a video call with your business-mum, look up together: what products are you already using, what are you running out of and in need of anyway, and also, listen to the tips and advices when it comes to getting started with our Social Media best selling products – it will help you to get started with your business in a smarter and faster way vs doing your own thing!

WHY get started with our Social Media best selling Products?

These are products that are affordable for most people, and they give quick results:
– Quick results, for YOU, so you can get your own before and after photos, results, experiences and stories to share!
– Quick results, for your CUSTOMERS, so you can quickly follow up and offer them other products aswell! When people are happy with one product from you and your brand, they will automatically trust you, and the other products you are sharing about as well !

Create your fb-group (Name, Cover photo & description)


Name your group – Examples:

  • Beauty Secrets by __________
  • _______’s Beauty Secrets

Group settings:

  • Choose closed group (not secret or open – so you can control who’s in it)
  • Choose that all members can add new people, but you have to approve
  • Choose that you (admin) want to approve all posts that your group members are trying to share in your group – in that way you will not have any spam or unwanted stuff in your group

Cover photo:
CLICK HERE for inspiration – get inspired and create your own, with your own photos!

Group description:
Examples below – DO NOT COPY/PASTE – Use your own words and be yourself, always!

Advices for your first 5 posts

By now you should have created your facebook group; with a group description and header, and are ready to go, and make your first posts & content – EXCITING !! Watch the video above, read through this text, the dos, don’ts and the examples for inspiration.

Post 1 – Your Welcome post!
❤️DOS: Use a photo of YOURSELF, and share your story: why did you start ?, what are you looking forward to share in your group? Create curiosity, be personal and use your own words. ALSO, if you want to KICK start your business, feel free to make the welcome post a video or LIVE broadcast, it works even better than just text / photo! You show that you are serious and you give of yourself!
❌DON’TS: Product images, google image / quote, don’t talk about Nu Skin, sales, or copy / paste others – get inspired by others, but always write with your own words and take your own photos!


Post 2 – Product post!
❤️DOS: Before / after photos, a photo of YOU with the product / where you use it, or a photo where you apply the product. Share your EXPERIENCE – what has the product done for you? How was your skin BEFORE, and how is it after, for example ..! How has the product helped you / provided you with a solution to something you were looking for, for example; Discolored teeth? You have found the solution! Oily skin ?? You have the solution! etc ..! Share “problems” and solutions others will relate to.
DONT’S – Product catalog images, google images, tube / jar image, facts, images of others, copy / paste!

Post 3 – ‘Wow” post!
❤️DOS: Always use your own words and photos! And make sure to have a photo of  YOU – preferably you with the products / first delivery. Share your gratitude for all the support and interest, whether you have already received sales or not – be grateful! Thank everyone who has purchased so far, and share that you are excited for what’s coming! You have to show your commitment, you are here to stay, and you are looking forward to the continuation!
❌DON’TS: same as above; no images or copy / paste from google! No quotes, or text only!


Post 4 – Product / How to apply/use post!
❤️ DOS: As far and good as possible, show the consistency of the product; how it feels, smells, and how it is when applying / washing off. How is the skin before / after. The better you become at this, the easier it is for those who follow you to decide if they “like” / want the product or not, without having even felt, smelled or tried the product themselves. We must give them this experience in the best possible way through ours posts, videos and live broadcasts.
❌DON’TS; Copy someone else’s video where THEY share the product! THIS DOES NOT WORK! Don’t even share links from youtube! CREATE YOUR OWN POSTS, TEXT, PHOTOS AND VIDEOS! This is what works. People follow YOU because YOU are YOU, and they want to hear what YOU think, not from a random youtuber …


Post 5 – Business / Curiosity post – Attraction Marketing:
❤️DOS: again, use your own photos (ALWAYS!!), and share your story – why are you doing this? Why did you start? What are your goals? What are your dreams? How did you look at the future before, how do you look at the future now? Share stories that others relate to! Create curiosity about your journey and the business, share about your new friends, our support and community, share your ups and downs, and share that you are having fun!
Eventually, you will “attract” others who are in the same situation as you, who might also consider starting their own business. They just need a little push, and to watch somebody else doing it, to get the “confirmation” that it’s actually “safe” to work online and with network marketing, it’s fun, and it’s doable – might be all they need to get started themselves!
❌DON’TS: Talk about Nu Skin, “join my team”, share about products, sales, ingredients, or make income claims / promises.

Keep going, create curiosity and always give value!

CONGRATULATION – you have now shared your first posts and content, and you might be wondering: what do you do NEXT?! Anna has got the answer, listen to the video above, get inspired and start to plan your content for the next few weeks! Be creative! Create curiosity! Share stories! Be unique! Have fun! Never copy / paste – be yourself!

Why connect & build relationships through PM / DM ??

Connect & Build Relationships!

Connect with the people and members in your group / followers from DAY 1 ! Listen to Anna in the video above – connect and build relationships, not only through posts and stories, but through PM’s! That is the best way to connect – one to one!

When you first get started, send a PM to each individual in your group; welcome them and thank them for their support! Always remember: if you want people to be interested in YOU, guess what? You have to genuinely show interested in them first! You can’t expect to get, without first giving!

A “Welcome / Thank you” PM Example:

“Hi_____(ALWAYS use the persons name)! How are you doing??
I recently started running a Beauty & Health group here on facebook, and invited you to join! I thought you might be interested <3  Really appreciate your support, hope you will like the group and content – I will do my best to give value and make it fun to follow! If not, you are of course free to leave anytime <3 Hope you’re well, I wish you all the best, beauty ! xx”


To the next level: Team Building!

When you know how to make money online, through social media, with the most amazing company, products, community & opportunity,  you can help so many other people out there, who are looking for an opportunity to change their lives – who do you know who needs money, time or both? Write a contact list and get to work – you can truly make a difference! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! 


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