Who are we? Nu Skin, OTG & Team Beauty Secrets

Who are we? Nu Skin, OTG & Team Beauty Secrets

Nu Skin is our Company, and tool to build our business, our capital business partner. We are independent Nu Skin Distributors – we are not employed by Nu Skin, we are building our own business with their platform of products. Nu Skin take care of:
– Product development
– Logistics and shipping
– Customer service
– Key account manager
– Commission

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Team Beauty Secretswww.beautysecretscommunity.com
Beauty Secrets was created when the Nu Skin business was taken online, into Social Media, in 2015. We needed a name so we could brand ourself, and we wanted a name we could create curiosity through, not just selling Nu Skin products – we are so much more then that. Instead of promoting Nu Skin as a brand, and because of Nu Skins Marketing policies, we needed/wanted a name to create curiousity in people, to attract them to US so we can start to build relationships, one-to-one, and trust, in new customers/business partners – So far it’s been a success! And this is just the beginning!

www.beautysecretscommunity.com was created as an online community, where we wanted to gather a big MASTER MIND group, with like minded people – people with big dreams, goals and ambitions, to share experiences, tips, advises and ideas, so we can all succeed better, together. We have been, and are still collecting experience, facts & advises from Our Company, Nu Skin, together with training from our entrepreneur school OTG (read more below) and also other network marketing gurus, social media experts and life coachers / mentors, and putting it all together so we can provide our team and leaders with the best step by step system, weekly webinars and training on how to succeed in an online network marketing business – We are gathering the best information from all of the sources above, and sharing through this website and our facebook training groups, so you can stay connected to your business, the team, and get the latest updates so you can keep growing yourself and your business – all in one place!
Follow successful strategies to get where you want, and, you probably have many questions?? Most of your questions might be answered when you go through this page, if not – write them down and get back to your business-mum / coach.
This page also has a gallery with before / after photos which you are free to use and share on social media – BUT: be aware that your own photos will always give you better results, so we recommend you to use the gallery as an inspiration for your own photos / share other peoples before and after photos in the comment section below your own photos for the best result / respond. Your members / followers are following you because YOU are YOU – so ,the want to see YOU, not some other random face that, for all they know, could be a google copy / paste..

Our Vision is that Beauty Secrets as a brand will be known by every person on the street, and that our social media channels/groups are a place people just HAVE to be, to get the lastest and newest update in Beauty, Health and Technology. That Nu Skin will be the new “apple” in our industry, that you will find in every bathroom, kitchen, purse, car ++ around the world. And, as we can’t do that by ourselves, we know the only way we can achieve this, is by helping more and more people building their businesses and income for their families and future! <3
We are focused on being real, loyal and professional. Sharing personal and real stories. Leaving the “old school” / normal advertising behind (which people are tired of anyway…) and using the slogan: “Real people – Real results” / “Be real – Not Perfect” / “You are enough!”.
We are known for having great products that actually works, that are good for your wellbeing and improves peoples health. We always do the little extra when it comes to service, and by listening to our customers we create a unique, close relationship between us and them – they know us, like us and trust us! And in that way we get loyal customers and a long lasting business. We are known for having the newest and coolest products & technology in this industry, and it is just a matter of time before we are in EVERY bathroom all over the world. Are you ready to create history?

When it comes to the business and our community – we are a group of great leaders with huge visions! We are ambitious and want to lead as many as we can in the right direction on life, building a business and an income for our future, by changing lives. When we work, we focus on seeing every single person in the community, making individual goals/plans and having FUN while building long lasting, successful businesses.
We focus on growing as individuals, by using our strengths, abilities and what we’re good at – and, we work together as a team to reach our goals. TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK!! We are building WIN-WIN relationships between all of us, helping each other and lifting each other to the highest we can be, to become the best version of ourself! We think big, positive and see opportunities everywhere! We are achievers, believers and we NEVER GIVE UP!
This Business and community is for anyone who are open minded and willing to work – it’s possible to succeed for everyone, whether you have small or big dreams, whatever background or experience you have, or where you’re from – all positive, pleasant people are welcome ! #GOTEAM


OTG (One Team Gloabal – password to log in: current month, in english) – www.otg.global

OTG is our Business coach/Entrepreneur School – Independed from Nu Skin, designed by the most successful leaders, world wide. It’s built for independent Nu Skin distributors, to share experience, ethics, strategy and to give support between each other.

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