Tips: Text & Pictures

Tips: Text & Pictures

1) Create Curiosity!!
Leave a few things out of the text in the post to make your audience curiouse – this will make them get in contact, and you can create a relation with the person 🙂

2) Be Creative & Keep things fresh!!
Keep things fresh and post NEW posts and pictures to keep your audience interested.[br]

3) Never copy-paste!!
Be inspired by others, but put in the time and effort in your business to create your own text and pictures. It will pay off!
If you copy-paste, your friends will see that the post is not “you” – and it will be fake. BE REAL, BE YOURSELF!!

4) Don’t post about multiple products in one post, unless you’re doing a promotion.
Keep things simple for your customers. Heaps of different products in one post will make them confused. Focus on one and one product


Keep your posts short
(Want to get out a lot of information? Create a video :))





ALWAYS use your own !! Why?[br] The respons is so much better when your face is in the post, as when your friends scroll down their newsfeed, they might just pass the post if it’s a picture of just a product they have never seen before, or if the picture is of someone they don’t know! They will see it just as “another commersial”, and keep scrolling![br]But if the scroll past a face they know, they will most likely stop and have a look 🙂 So put your face in there!! Be original!

– If you want to “test” the feedback when you post your own pictures vs someone elses – try! You will quickly find out what works!!!

Before and after pictures are awesome to borrow from the team/your customers, but:
– Always add in a selfie of you holding the product
– Always know that the before/after picture you’re using is real, and that the results actually are by using the product you’re promoting!! If you end up with someone questioning your reliability, and you don’t know the source of your before/after’s – it might ruin your whole group and your customers trust to you! ALWAYS know where your content comes from.[br]*TIPS: If you borrow someone elses photos, take a screenshot so people in your group see that it’s actually a real person:


Don’t show the Nu Skin name in your pictures
There is no secret that we are using Nu Skin’s products, if someone asks you about that, the answer is ofcourse: YES!

BUT – We want to Create Curiousity among our customers and build a relationship with them. If you post about Nu Skin – why would your customers get in contact with you?? They will google: Nu skin, and find everything they need online…

So, instead of talking about Nu Skin, share the benefits of the products we have. Share before and after pictures. Share stories! Share results! And connect with your customers 🙂

An example on how to cover the Nu Skin name, and still be “normal”, not hiding anything – just holding over the logo when holding the product and taking a selfie 🙂 No right or wrong! Be creative and create curiosity!

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