Shipping, from you? or from Nu Skin?

Shipping, from you? or from Nu Skin?

ALWAYS START WITH Direct Selling – From you (send by mail/deliver directly to people around you)

You buy the products yourself at wholesale price from the webshop, send them to your place, and resell them from you directly to the customer. The advantages of this, over online sales (explained below) is:[br] 1) You make more money by doing it this way, by retailing products

2) You can attach a personal greeting written from you, directly to your new customer, which makes them feel cared for, they can see that you really appreciate them, and you’re building a relationship. Then they will forever be yours 😉 🙂


THE LONG TERM IDEA is to do all Sales Online
– From Nu Skin
– You place the order in Nu Skin’s webshop, and the products are sent directly to your customer, from Nu Skin, and you get paid commission from Nu Skin based on your online volume. [br]
When you start to do this: Always help your customers with this, specially the first time! Don’t leave them in the webshop or with a link to the webshop – that will most likely NOT end up with a sale ! [br] This is the idea in the long term – Get all your customers online so you no longer have to do the packaging or ship out anything! 🙂

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