Once you have given the price and the customer has confirmed that he / she shall have the products, send out payment details straight away to “close” the sale, Example:

“Thank you so much for your order, really appreciate it – and will send out your products as soon as the payment is received! Hope you’re ok with this 🙂

Payment details_____ ” [br] Remember – if the products have to be shipped – add in the expences in the price before you send it to your customer!

TIPS: Do NOT send out / deliver products until payment is received, for your own sake. Suddenly you have customers who do not pay, and if the products are already sent there is not much you can do about it…

Do payment in the manner most appropriate to direct sales / online sales, and how well you know the customer
– Bank transfer by providing account numbers and amounts
– Paypal (Norway: vipps/conta.no)
– If you’re delivering directly, cash
– If the sale is online, and the customer is comfortable with entering his / hers card details, you can enter the customer’s card directly online.

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