Never EVER copy/paste and SPAM (Sending People Annoying Msgs!) – make sure every message you send out, is personal, written by-, and from YOU. Be real/honest, and use your own story. Share what this has done for you so far, and what it can do for the person you’re talking with!

Put Value on the business & yourself; You do have limited spaces and also time for startups!!
To hit the top of our / Nu Skins compensation plan, you only need 6 serious people who wanna do business and grow with you!!
Remember; YOU chose who you want to work with – so, be picky!! Choose only pleasant people, and people you would like to spent more time with. This business is not for everyone, so, make sure you build your MASTERMIND TEAM!!!!!

AND; Follow up! Always follow up! This is where the results are! Follow up and WORK TOGETHER with your new partner!

The first months you should be in contact with your partner EVERYDAY!
– Set up the first meeting (within 48 hours) to talk about what the person wants
– Help with setting up his/hers facebook group
– Talk when the person have received his/her products – unbox together and be excited for your new buddies’ journey!
– Send your buddy positive content, or find other “excuses” for getting in contact every day
– Plan the first content and posts!
– Talk about goals and dreams, maybe even catchup and scrapbook / set goals together?
– Share about the success trips; what trip is coming up?? Are you going together?
– HAVE FUN!!!!

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