No Sales?? 10+ comments = Create activity in your group, and keep it up!

No Sales?? 10+ comments = Create activity in your group, and keep it up!

Patience and Consistency
Content is super important, the pictures you post are important and when you post – BUT It’s SUPER important to keep posting, even if you have days with no respond! People who follow you need to see your posts more then once, they need to see your products more then once and they need to see that you are serious, and that you keep going. People need time to get to know you, like you and trust you. Be patient and keep posting! NEVER GIVE UP!

ALWAYS make sure to have atleast 10 comments on every post you post. The reason is these statistics from facebook – it tells how many % of your group members that will see your post in their Facebook newsfeed, and it depends on the comments on your post!

“Leave a comment / you favorite emoji for more information…” Always encourage members to do this to get as many comments as possible on each post. The more comments, the more “Important” your post is considered at facebook, and your post will be prioritized to be shared in your member’s newsfeeds!

When you reply to a comment: always reply with a NEW comment! Don’t use the “reply” button!!
To get up the 10+ comments on every post in your group, make sure to always make a new comment when you reply, don’t “reply” to your customers comment – as this doesn’t “count” as a comment on Facebook.

If the 10+ comments doesn’t happen by itself, get 5 people to comment, and when you reply back – you’re up in 10 🙂
– Ask friends and family to help you comment
– Ask happy customers to comment
– Tag friends, and send them a pm if they can check your post and help you with comments
– Get help from your team to comment – BUT …….

Comment on each others posts, but BE SMART!!!

Feel free to follow other teammates groups, be inspired and also leave a comment on each other’s post, share your experience with the product and maybe even a picture! This is a win-win, if we do this for each other, we help each other with 1) Additional comments, and post becomes more visible on facebook 2) more credibility, members of the group can see that there are many more than just the Admin in the group, who uses the products!![br]BUT!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!![br]DON’T end up being a group of 3-4 persons, always commenting on each other’s posts, on EVERY POST !! Remember, your group members are not stupid, and they will come to understand / see if it’s “agreed” comments over and over again. This will not strengthen the group, rather the opposite …

Ask customers to post/share – keep things fresh and new all the time
It’s very powerful when you have someone else then you posting and sharing in your group. ask all customers for before and after pictures, and ask if they could help you with sharing it themself in your group, and write a short review of their experience with the products.

– Follow up likes
– Follow up comments
– Follow up customers[br] When you follow up, and message people/customers/likes – it’s not supposed to be any “sales” og pushy message!! Just text them and tell them you are grateful for them being in your group and liking your posts! That you really appreciate it as you’re new in the game and it’s great to get support from them! Make the msg PERSONAL – Build a relationship, and next time they need some new makeup or other products – they will remember you for taking your time to actually messaging them without pushing anything on them;) !

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