How to keep track / follow up on of customers/potential buddies

How to keep track / follow up on of customers/potential buddies

‼To FOLLOW-UP is one of the most important things to do, to succeed in our business – both when it comes to CUSTOMERS & BUDDIES‼ ️

?? FIRST; Create an «easy-to-follow-up-system» that works for you! Many of us use Exel, or Google sheets – SUPER SMART!

?THEN; Always write down ALL you are in contact with – not just people who purchase, but EVERYONE who likes, comment and shows interest on your posts / stories – so you easily can follow them up!

? CUSTOMERS: Write their names, products, payment, delivery and if you have follow-up already or not.

✏️Use a marker, for example; use Green colour for those who are all good, delivered and done, Blue colour for VIP-customers (loyal and large customers / orders you send directly from Nu Skin to the customer) – and those who are left / still White; follow up!

?‍♀️BUDDIES: Always have a contact list where you add new names every day, and remember; DON’T JUDGE – it’s not up to you to decide who this business is for, or not. Give the chance to all people you think deserve to know about this great opportunity, and leave the decision to them.

✏️Write notes, why you’re going contact the people on your list, who you have talked with already, what their situation is with work, family, school etc: look for «problems» – provide solutions! ..and remember; a «NO» is not a «NO» forever! Some just need some time, maybe it’s not the right timing in their life right now, and some actually just need to see that YOU ARE A STAYER! ?? Never give up, they will come!

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