Follow up

Follow up

It’s always important to follow up costumers. Many who show their interest will often forget about the products in an otherwise busy everyday life, or they just need some days thinking before they deside to purchase.


Send a reminder message, one example is to say that you are placing orders right now and was woundering if they wanted you to fix their products aswell? Or if you have posted a sale/offer on any of the products they showed interest for, you can send them a nice text telling them that you posted something that they might be interested in.


We also find it smart to message costumers about 1 week after you sent/delivered the products, asking what they think and if they have any questions. Many will end up buying more after feeling the quality and seing the results on one of our products – they automatically trust the other products we have 😉 AND, they feel appreciated and that you see them when you follow up.


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