Why connect & build relationships through PM / DM ??

Why connect & build relationships through PM / DM ??

Connect & Build Relationships!

Connect with the people and members in your group / followers from DAY 1 ! Listen to Anna in the video above – connect and build relationships, not only through posts and stories, but through PM’s! That is the best way to connect – one to one!

When you first get started, send a PM to each individual in your group; welcome them and thank them for their support! Always remember: if you want people to be interested in YOU, guess what? You have to genuinely show interested in them first! You can’t expect to get, without first giving!

A “Welcome / Thank you” PM Example:

“Hi_____(ALWAYS use the persons name)! How are you doing??
I recently started running a Beauty & Health group here on facebook, and invited you to join! I thought you might be interested <3  Really appreciate your support, hope you will like the group and content – I will do my best to give value and make it fun to follow! If not, you are of course free to leave anytime <3 Hope you’re well, I wish you all the best, beauty ! xx”


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