Each person you talk to, holds 3 possibilities!

Each person you talk to, holds 3 possibilities!

Each person you talk to, holds 3 possibilities!;

1) BUSINESS – the person him/herself is interested, looking for an opportunity / solution in life, and has his/her own motivation and burning desire / goals!

2) CUSTOMER – if the person him/herself is not interested in the business, then, we’ve got the best products, right !? ?? Offer EVERYONE who doesn’t see the business opportunity, to use the world’s best products !! …Pretty selfish of you, if you don’t! ?

3) ASK FOR REFERRALS ??Many people don’t think about that, this business / networking is not really just about who do YOU know, yourself!! It’s more about; who does the people you know, know !! ? Start to think out of your own network, go through friends’ friends and connect with people you don’t really know, but, because you have mutual friends they suddenly become an acquaintance, and you automatically get some kind of relationship and trust through the common acquaintances / friends / family!

See the possibilities of your network – not the limitations! There are so many people on this planet – You only need 6 COMITTED buddies, to top the compensation plan, keep that in your mind – and take MASSIVE ACTION !! ?? #GOTEAM

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