Do’s & Dont’s

Do’s & Dont’s



✔️A L W A Y S create curiosity. Be unique, inspiring and positive!

✔️Add alle your fb friends and connections in your group – you never know who would be interested in your products or the business. Get support from family and friends.

✔️Only use your own words when writing your bio. Both the bio and your posts will reflect YOU and YOUR personality. You are the strength of your own business and the only one making yourself special. We don’t mind finding inspiration and ideas from other team players. but always use YOUR words.

encourage your audience to ask questions in the comments, rather than them to dm you.

✔️The better engagement you have when answering the comments, the more exciting it will be for the audience to engage.

Answer the comment på “reply”. This is because there’s an algorithm rule at FB and your group will pop up in the newsfeed

✔️Your own pretty face and delicate pictures gives you more credibility. We sure don’t mind you sharing other team players’ results, but your audience follow you – so let them see you.

✔️Comment each other’s post kindly. We are good at helping each other, and we even have an “comment post” -thread to help you. There’s your opportunity to share the posts you would like more engagement in. Try not to make the same person to comment every time – this might have the opposite effect

✔️Pay attention to your own page! Try responding when people leave comments. With all due respect, we do understand that you have both school, work etc. And this is not supposed to affect those things – but reply when possible and show them your availability – again, credibility to your group and your reputation.

✔️Use emojis when writing posts???to make it more exciting to read More emojis ?more response.

✔️Encourage your customers to shoot before and after pictures. Ask nicely, both for you and them ( this will make them notice the results) og for you to use the opportunity to tell them that you appreciate them sending them for the page. Also an awesome tool for upselling and attention to old posts.

✔️ALWAYS use retail price – you will find them at you “office” on nuskin with the price list. Do not create your own prices.

✔️Check spelling

✔️Use your creativity to come up with ideas – don’t be boring.

Wrap your products with a personal note to your customer. There are examples in our tool group.


Avoid writing about Nuskin. It’s our collaborator, but we would like to seperate from the others and for the audience to ask usk instead of them google the products and buy for themselves.

DO NOT COPY texts and posts – NOOOO!! Respect your team players and their hard work – their your inspiration to do your own posts, learn and earn.

Stay away from words saying: Offer, bestseller, discount, favorite… (feel free to use them in your posts, but no all of them) Try to avoid the words that gives the impresssion of boring and cheap. Creativity is the key.

Stay away from cataloug pictures. Its impersonal – besides, it’s bad business

Be creative when responding to comments. Do not reply the same answer to every one.

Don’t increase your audience with giveaways (we have a well explanation video about it in our tool group)

Try to not write the salesprice in your posts – dm your customer. This is one of the guidelines from Nuskin. The closure of selling the products happens in dm.

Do not take advice from other teams than beauty secrets. We have figured out what gives success.

Only do what works – not from the people that dont do the work themselves.

Stay away from posting self-made offers/ wholesale price, unless it’s an already promoted product. Such as Beauty Kit from Nuskin or their campaigns. We don’t do business for others to save money, but for us to make money.


?Feel free to upload results in our sharing post. Sharing is carin. The more you contribute. The more we achieve together.

?If you would like an old post to pop up – comment that you are doing a new order on the product, and the ones still wondering, has the opportunity to order now. Always remind on every post you have the day before you’re ordering.

?You get an order confirmation from the company with a tracking number. You can track your order 2-3 days after you have received the confirmation and find out where the package is.

?When you start up new partners and have your own team – make sure that they also read this information and that they keep themselves updated on this site. This is our information – and communications source.

?Besides this, there’s no right and wrong. DO YOUR THING and if you have any questions: feel free to ask. Take initativ to ideas and always remember our principles:



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