BUDDY TRAINING #2 – Invite people on a journey!

BUDDY TRAINING #2 – Invite people on a journey!

The most rewarding & grateful part of our business, is to share this journey with others, and to show people how they can reach their goals with BSC & Network Marketing! ❤️? In this video we go through how you can invite people to have a look at our business, without being PUSHY, SPAMMY or ANNOYING!

▪️ Work consistent with your contact list!
Talk to people every single day!
▪️Ask questions; “pre-qualify”!
▪️Get to know peoples why & needs!

▪️Be a spammer / pushy!
▪️Invi-Present – send information to people who never asked for it!
▪️When people are interested, never try to present through text! (Learn more about this in Buddy Training #3 – Presenting)

▪️Write personal invitations; quality over quantity!
▪️Always invite with a REASON; the persons WHY / NEEDS, or the QUALITIES the person is holding, that you appreciate and would like to work with!
▪️Care about people – the way to succeed in this business, is to give / help enough people to reach their goals – when they win, you win!


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