BUDDY TRAINING #1 – Contact List!

BUDDY TRAINING #1 – Contact List!

Get started building your contact list, with potential business buddies;
▪️Who do you write on the list?
▪️How do you “find” people?
▪️What qualities are you looking for in your business buddies / partners?
▪️AND, SUPER IMPORTANT; DO NOT JUDGE! It’s not your job to decide who this is for / who it’s not for !! Share the opportunity with people you love and care for, and let them decide for themselves!

?Work on your contact list EVERY DAY – put new names on the list, and start to connect with the people – after all, they are potential partners and / or future customers! ??

❤️Connect & build relationships! Ask questions! Be genuinely interested in others; “plant seeds” / create curiosity about your new business & journey – but without JUMPING onto people, by unnatural starting to talk about yourself; or trying to SELL the products or business !! Mention it, if it feels natural in the conversation! If someone asks you what you do / how life is going, answer as a normal human being, and then, keep talking; ask questions back, and listen for the other persobs “PROBLEMS”… If the person in front of you are opening up / in need of anything, you might want to get back to that person later for an invitation, to have a look at the business. Because, when you know a persons WHY / NEEDS / PROBLEMS; you can offer and provide a SOLUTION to their needs! That’s what we do..!? Making a difference, by offering solutions & solving problems !!

⚠️Learn more about this in the video below, and also the next step in this unit; BUDDY TRAINING #2 – Invitation VS Invi-presenting!

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