1) Your first post – WELCOME

1) Your first post – WELCOME

You have 2 choices after you have created your group 1) Start with a welcome post, and add people into the group 2) Wait for your products and make your first post a product post: the whitening toothpaste, before you add anyone in

If you wait for the products, check out the next example. If you wanna make a welcome post, add people in, start to create curiousity about what you’re about to get started with, before you get the products : CHECK THIS OUT ! ?

“Hello and welcome! ? ? My name is ______ and I newly started working in a team named Beauty Secrets – feel free to visit us: www.teambeautysecrets.com !

?We represents world-class skin, hair, makeup- & health products – we use / test products before we share our own results and experiences with you, through social media: Real People, Real Results – What you see, is what you get!

Soon, I will be sharing my first products-experiences with you, and my goal is that you will feel that you buy good products safely! ? If you wish to order any of the products or do you want more info then just to send a message so I answer your questions! ? Super fun that you want to be a part out of the group and I really appreciate it! ?”


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